# Request

# Endpoint

The base URL for the API is https://freeipapi.com

You may use the following endpoint for the IP queries

GET /api/json/{IP-ADDRESS}

Replace {IP-ADDRESS} with the IP address that you want to query.

Or don't replace the {IP-ADDRESS} to get the information of the request sender.

# Parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
IP-ADDRESS string No The IP address for which geolocation is needed.

Note: If you don't send the IP-ADDRESS, The API will return you the geolocation information of the sender (Who makes the request)

# Authorization

If you are using the FREE plan, You don't need to implement this part.

In order to send unlimited api requests you can either whitelist your Domain or IP address (opens new window) in the dashboard after your subscribed to the unlimited plan or use an API Key.

To use an API Key you need to first subscribe to the Unlimited plan and then generate an API Key (opens new window) in the dashboard.

Then you will need to send the API Key in the header of your requests as Bearer token.

Header Type Example
Authorization Bearer Authorization: Bearer TOKEN